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Wikipedia gendergap part 1

Hmm the title suggests there will be a part 2. Is that misleading? We shall see. The debates over the gender gap issue have largely dropped to the level of background noise by wikipedia standards. The mailing list carries on … Continue reading

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Wikipedia and geographical coordinates

These days if you visit most articles on wikipedia about a physical place you will find some geographical coordinates on the top right.  If you click on them for say London you get taken to a toolsever page which provides … Continue reading

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Portsbridge creek

Portsbridge creek is not the most pleasant bit of water. It is the channel that separates Portsea Island from the mainland. At high tide it’s a water filled concrete trough with a busy duel carriageway running down one side and … Continue reading

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Photographing HMS warrior

I decided to get some pics for the HMS warrior article. There is a certain symmetry there since the reason I started working on the article in the first place was to make room for all the existing photos. For … Continue reading

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