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Wikipedia gender gap issue dead?

It appears to have. Blog chatter has died off, the mailing list is dead and there isn’t anything on the other mailing lists or the general wikipedia discussion pages. I suppose if people continue to try and address it at … Continue reading

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Wikipedia gendergap part 2:Wikipe-tan

So while activity appears to be dying down in other areas the question of what to do about Wikipe-tan has heated up. Okey so first things first what is a “Wikipe-tan”. Strictly speaking Wikipe-tan is a moe personification of Wikipedia. … Continue reading

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Wikipedia gendergap part 1

Hmm the title suggests there will be a part 2. Is that misleading? We shall see. The debates over the gender gap issue have largely dropped to the level of background noise by wikipedia standards. The mailing list carries on … Continue reading

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