An image for Pinchbeck from commons

I’ve been aware of Pinchbeck for some years after seeing an example of a Pinchbeck hairband at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. The Wikipedia article on the alloy has needed a pic since 2005. Unfortunately my pictures from Bristol sucked due to missing focus and simply not holding the camera still (in my defence I was running on about 2 hours sleep and trying to visit all the museums in Bristol).

Getting a photo of Pinchbeck suffers from a problem of being sure what you are photographing is actual Pinchbeck. The term seems to be used to label 3 different things. You have true kvlt pinchbeck from the original Pinchbeck family, approximately contemporary imitations and then a random collection of vintage brass.

To be on the safe side I wanted a photo of the first option. This rules out simply buying some since the well provenanced stuff is expensive and for the rest I don’t have the expertise to dig through. Museum materials seem a better option but being somewhat reflective it tends to photograph poorly under museum light. Birmingham museums has some but the lighting in that section isn’t the best (although that can be countered to a fair extent).

Finally I tried a commons search. I don’t usually do this because a lot of the time you don’t get anything and the quality can be rather mixed (the best commons search engine remains the english wikipedia). On this occasion though After a lot of photos relating to the pumping station and the village in Lincolnshire I found this clock made by the son of the original Christopher Pinchbeck. Definitely true kvlt Pinchbeck

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