Wikipedia, right, but on the blockchain round 2

Well its more a re-launch of Everipedia which has been around for a while. Everipedia is essentially an attempt to make money by starting with a mirror of wikipedia and then going forward with no notability standards. Income attempts are by charging people for article writing services and adverts.

So far success seems to have been fairly limited. Low alexa rank and a fairly low rate of linking from reddit a fair number of which focuses on stuff of interest to reddit’s nastier sub communities. It also has the issues you would expect of something with no notability standards and has become a popular platform for the likes of 4chan to libel people

Still I’ve seen worse.

So where does the block-chain come in? Mostly in the form of what appears to be (or what is at leasdt marketed as) a relaunch which uses much the same language as Lunyr. Decentralised, censorship resistant and on the block-chain. In practice this seems to boil down to them thinking about hosting on the interplanetary file system (so Lunyr again).

One trick they have beaten Lunyr on is hiring wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger who’s name is apparently enough to get your press release read. Quite how a project that claims to be removing gatekeepers is meant to work with a guy who’s previous project (Citizendium) was effectively a nested pile of gatekeepers I’m not sure.

What this is all in aid of is an initial coin offering. Called IQ, the coin’s nominal use case appears to be buying the right to challenge edits on the wiki (although things are at the unpublished draft stage). How they plan to make that something people would want without completely breaking the wiki system is unclear but I personally doubt they will ever have enough traffic for it to matter. If they get their coin out before the ICO bubble bursts they might raise some cash (after all they have the advantage of a product that actually sort of exists) otherwise not so much.

Everipedia is a project that has been trying to compete with wikipedia for 2 years now even as someone who keeps an eye on wikipedia competitors its barely on my radar. I don’t see anything in the relaunch that would change that.

As for Lunyr they continue to update their advertising system but since everything is still a behind a closed alpha its hard to say what’s going on. They are though apparently having issues with spotting bugs in their software due to CryptoKitties messing up the Ethereum blockchain. They’ve also apparently been removed from the Liqui cryptocurrency exchange but I really doubt that will matter to anyone beyond the unfortunate compulsive gamblers who trade the thing.

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