Sigma APO 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sports for wikipedians

Would I recommend this lens for wikipedians? In general no. Optically its a perfectly good lens but its size greatly reduces its utility to the point where I have uploaded one image taken with this lens and that was pretty much entirely an example of what the lens can do. If you really need a good (if slow) 600mm lens or simply want a lens that looks big (so you look less out of place with bird watchers or something I guess) then it might be an option. Otherwise for cannon users a 100-400mm (original or mk II depending on your price point) with a x1.4 extender covers much the same range although you would lose autofocus unless you are using one of the cameras on this list

I have got rather a lot of use out of my 100-400mm and pretty much all the images I’ve taken with the 150-600 have been to some extent test shots.

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