Photographing Midland Air Museum for wikipedia

Midland Air Museum is as the name suggests an air museum near Coventry. While it isn’t Duxford it does have a really rather impressive collection. Not so much in terms of individual stand-out pieces (although the range of early jet engines they have is one of the best I’ve seen) but in terms of the shear number of artefacts on display. This is not a museum with a handful of artefacts and a lot of explanation boards (IWM North being the classic example of that). This is a museum with a lot of artefacts which are mostly labelled (there were a few exceptions but in fairness that’s hardly uncommon).

The exhibits themselves ranged from multiple complete aircraft (the Armstrong Whitworth AW.650 Argosy was nice and I got an interior photo) to so many models. Some of which were pretty random. I’m not sure why they had a model ship for example. Still since the models were mostly placed around the edge of the gallery they never threatened to overwhelm the planes, engines and other artefacts on display The WW1 diorama was rather odd mind. Apart from anything else I doubt there was ever a case of Whippets and Mark Is being deployed together.

For wikipedians well the museum is already fairly well photographed with some rather nice images being used in the Bristol Siddeley 605 article amoung others

In general though wikipedia already has extensive levels of avation photography so even with a collection as extensive as the Midland Air Museum’s there isn’t much to add. We could do with someone visiting on a sunny day to get some better images of the outdoor aircraft (in particular the Boulton Paul P.111).

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