A tale of three museums

So last weekend I went to the black country living museum and then to the Coventry meetup the next day. In the process I manages to visit three museums. The Black country living museum, the Coventry transport museum and the Herbert. All three were photographer friendly and Wikimedia UK has now had dealings with two of them (the Black country living museum and the Herbert).


The Black country living museum was interesting but I only had time to start an single article (Cradley Heath Workers’ Institute). Photography wise the outdoor stuff needs to be done while the weather is good. Indoors the museum is reasonably well lit and a lot of their exhibits aren’t even under glass so less of a challenge than most places. One advantage of their house and shop exhibits is that they are large enough to have geocodes. So in theory if we could write an article on each exhibit it would be possible to walk around the museum with a smart phone telling you what you were looking at. I did try and take photos of streets as the equivalent of gallery shots but the weather wasn’t really up to it.

The following day I hit Coventry and the Coventry transport museum (it is free entry). Photography wise the whole thing is a bit dark particularly Thrust 2 which really needs someone with a powerful camera flash to have a go at it. It is also a museum that needs a subject area expert. From my point of view it just contained a lot of cars and motorbikes that I didn’t know a lot about. Someone who did know about them would have a better idea what to take photos of. At the last minute I did remember to take some gallery shots but the general darkness of the museum made it difficult.

The Herbert is a fairly decent museum. Light levels okay but a lot of their display objects are close to their cases making photography difficult. The museum has also already been pretty intensively photographed. In fairness I was going around it at some speed before heading off to the meetup.

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