Editing wikipedia from the British library

Made a few discoveries. Firstly touchpad+acid damaged fingertips is not a good combination. Secondly the human mind does not react well to trying to skim read an entire year’s worth of Amiga Action in one sitting.


On a technical level the British library wireless was pretty solid although I had it drop a couple of times. The whole “your initial registration with the British library only lasts one month” thing is a pain and the need to register in person in advance results in the need for two trips to the library which is a problem if you live outside London.


The Amiga Action and Amiga computing magazines made for an interesting glimpse into what is now well history. The letter where the writer casually mentions they will never switch to a PC was an interesting artefact. The reviews in general also appeared to be less extreme. Games the reviewers really really liked would still only rate around 90% and have a few criticisms thrown in. At the other end the negative reviews lacked the invective spite that has now become a standard. The writers really didn’t like Super league manager for example but did their best to point out that it had some interesting features.

Other than that I finally got some refs for the Bucket and cone article (a topic I’ve been vaguely interested in since a tour at the British museum). I also flicked through a couple of warship annuals but for the most part they didn’t cover my areas of interest and in one case (K class submarines) other wikipedians had got their first.


Something to be done again when I next build up a list of things I need sources for.

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1 Response to Editing wikipedia from the British library

  1. Your work sounds very interesting; the history of computing and computing journalism is a fascinating and much-needed area. I collected Amiga Action when I was a kid; you’ve made me nostalgic now…

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