Wikipedians at the herbert

Back on the first of October wikipedians visited the Herbert. The event seemed to go fairly well. The museum staff were extremely enthusiastic and wikipedians got some access to some interesting stuff as well as writing some new articles. Including an article on a priory which is a rarity.

The wikipedians involved hopefully now have a better understanding of museum archives as well as handling a preservation issues. The shear enthusiasm from the museum staff was a bit confusing but then probably that’s because I’m still stuck in 2005 (when the reaction tended to be “who?”) to some extent. Wikipedians were also prepared to try their hand at article subjects outside their usual turf.

A couple of niggles was that I forgot to miss a session in order to look around the museum proper which means I’ve still never seen most of it. The other worry is that dispute the event being in the Midlands somewhat familiar faces from more southern events made up a significant percentage. One of the problems we face is that our boots on the ground presence is far smaller than our online presence and unless we can address that that is going to limit what we can do in meatspace.

A few pics of the event are now on commons:

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1 Response to Wikipedians at the herbert

  1. Andy Mabbett says:

    Hey, I as there, and I’m from Birmingham 😉

    Sorry I didn’t get to meet you, though.

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