Bits of Arbcom mailing list leaked.

So the arbcom mailing list has been leaked. Onwiki thread about it starts here.

Short version is that someone broke into an arbcom member’s email account and garbed emails from there before using a password in one of the emails in the account to access the sever that holds the list archives and thus acquired more stuff. So far it’s unclear how much stuff was stolen and how much the the person who acquired it is planning to leak.

What is becoming very apparent is that with the possible exception of some stuff that reveals some meatspace identities most of it is very boring. That in itself is not much of a surprise. It’s pretty much been the case with previous leaks. Much of what arbcom deals with is, to those not directly involved, petty localised disputes that no one not part of arbcom case is likely to care about. Even there it dates pretty quickly. The reality is that once you strip out the personal info we could probably publish 2 year old arbcom emails without problem.

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