A wikipedian’s review of Fort Nelson

First a disclaimer. Royal armouries fort nelson is currently going through a major rebuild so a lot of this will soon be outdated.

I’ve mentioned Fort Nelson before but this is the first time I’ve visited in a while.

As a source for photos for wikipedia Fort nelson is pretty good. Wikipedians tend to be interested in war and weapons so fort nelson’s collection of artillery is pretty useful. There are though issues. Much of the display area is pretty dark being either old barracks rooms with only small windows or a large unlit tent-like structure. This all renders getting a decent gallery shot extremely difficult. My best effort really wasn’t that good. On the plus side very few of the exhibits are behind glass which allows a more straightforward use of flash in some cases.

As a source of images Fort Nelson is though getting increasingly mined out for want of a better term. Many of the articles on the exhibits already have photos from previous fort nelson visits or from other sources. While the number of photos isn’t that large compared to say the British museum it is still a fair size.

As for my project of mapping it well I do now have a better base map but things are probably now on hold until they building work is finished.

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