Super-injunctions on wikipedia round 2

So somewhat reliable news organisations outside the UK have started to publish some of the names involved and as a result wikipedia has started to name names. Of course from a strictly legal POV this may actually make things worse for UK based editors. While at this point there are probably Mongols living in yurts in inner Mongolia who know who CTB is the position of the courts remains that no one in the UK is allowed to mention it. Which makes editing a surprising number of pages somewhat risky.

In the meantime uncited stuff continues to stream in (do we have a reliable source on TSE & ELP yet?) apparently we are meant to report such things to oversight (basically a level of deletion above what regular admins can do) but of course if you are in the UK doing so may not be strictly legal:

“In law publication means distribution to just one other person (the third party) or potential distribution (for example on a postcard or maybe even just graffiti written on a wall).”

Wonderful isn’t it.

Reading mildly between the lines the strategy of the media establishment is to try and prove that most such injunctions are unenforceable, the strategy of Twitter is to grab as much of the media coverage as possible and wikipedia is getting caught by the collateral damage. Wikipedia has in fact done things that put it in contempt of UK courts in the past but they were generally much narrower and no one seemed to notice.

Hopefully all the injunctions that people actually care about will collapse soon, we will then be able to write a comprehensive article on the events and move on. Not optimistic though.

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