Wikipedia gender gap issue dead?

It appears to have. Blog chatter has died off, the mailing list is dead and there isn’t anything on the other mailing lists or the general wikipedia discussion pages. I suppose if people continue to try and address it at all it’s going to be part of the general outreach project.

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3 Responses to Wikipedia gender gap issue dead?

  1. Allyn McGillicuddy says:

    The coverage of the issue was very superficial. In order to make it reasonable for us women, it has to become easier to contribute without spending six months reading all the thousands of rules, policies, and tribal wiki conventions thought up by that the boys have accumulated over the decades.

    I contributed for a couple of months until I was sick of editing articles about tiny villages on a hillside in China with a population of 14. And how much do we REALLY need to know about an Australian swimmer that won a silver medal in 2000? That was another article that hadn’t made it past the stub phase.

    After editing articles to learn the basics, I spent nearly 3 weeks learning how to author a basic article. My article was blown away within 5 minutes! I requested a chance to address the issues raised, such as that it was uncategorized, but it was blown away anyhow before I had a chance to figure out what the permissible categories are. Three weeks of work torpedoed in 5 minutes.

    I have better things to do with my time.

  2. Allyn McGillicuddy says:

    The arcane, labyrinthine editing system serves as a formidable barrier to obstruct entry for new editors. That makes it nearly impossible to change the legacy demographics of the incumbent editors. What will happen instead is that Wikipedia will be replaced with a clone featuring a more usable contribution system. And as the current editors fade away, so will Wikipedia.

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