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A wikipedian’s review of Fort Nelson

First a disclaimer. Royal armouries fort nelson is currently going through a major rebuild so a lot of this will soon be outdated. I’ve mentioned Fort Nelson before but this is the first time I’ve visited in a while. As … Continue reading

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Super-injunctions on wikipedia round 2

So somewhat reliable news organisations outside the UK have started to publish some of the names involved and as a result wikipedia has started to name names. Of course from a strictly legal POV this may actually make things worse … Continue reading

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super-injunctions on wikipedia

Super-injunctions are an affront to freedom of speech and the right to a free press etc etc. the case has already been extensively been made. The traditional media in what I expect is an attempt to get the courts to … Continue reading

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Wikipedia gender gap issue dead?

It appears to have. Blog chatter has died off, the mailing list is dead and there isn’t anything on the other mailing lists or the general wikipedia discussion pages. I suppose if people continue to try and address it at … Continue reading

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Abusing Infobox Election

Infobox Election is fairly self explanatory wikipedia’s election infobox. It’s really designed for a two party system but with a bit of squeezing can cope with a 3 party system and just about holds together for 6. The winner in … Continue reading

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