The gallery shot

Writing wikipedia articles about museums tends to be tricky for various reasons but one particular annoyance is the gallery shot. If a museum allows photography it tends to be pretty easy to find photos of individual exhibits already on wikipedia but taking pics that show a whole gallery tends not to to occur. Even if you do remember to take such a pic it’s not easy. Galleries tend to be dark or have highly contrasting light levels resulting in massively blown highlights. While a certain amount of post processing can fix darkness and colour issues due to artificial light, getting good results from crowded galleries can be nearly impossible. That photo has gone through a lot of post processing and still doesn’t look very good at all. In fact crowding is probably one of the worst issues. Open galleries even if they are slightly dark can be photographed pretty well.

But remembering to take such pics in the first place is the biggest challenge I recently visited the Thinktank museum in Birmingham and it’s only looking through the pics afterwards that I realise I failed to even attempt to take any gallery pics.

Strangely wikipedia’s two featured pics that show museum interiors both show areas with limited exhibits:



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