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The point of diminishing returns on image donations

One of the standard things that comes up when wikipedians talk to GLAMs is the subject of images. Even in the form of donations of image collections or allowing wikipedians in to take pictures. This is understandable. It is something … Continue reading

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Why it took so long to get wikipedians together with GLAMs

Nick Moyes asks in his blog post about the recent conference at derby museum why it took so long for people from GLAMs (galleries libraries archives and museums) and wikipedians to get together. To some extent we have been working … Continue reading

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The gallery shot

Writing wikipedia articles about museums tends to be tricky for various reasons but one particular annoyance is the gallery shot. If a museum allows photography it tends to be pretty easy to find photos of individual exhibits already on wikipedia … Continue reading

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Yet more progress on QR code for wikipedia

Yes we have progress on QR code for wikipedia. As long as you accept that adding a middle man counts as progress. In this case it probably does since the displaying the article in the right language problem has been … Continue reading

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Writing the wikipedia article on southsea castle

Yes I’m going to witter on about some article I mostly wrote. When I first arrived it was a start class article although a large chunk of it was a copyvio (taken from the most haunted TV show of all … Continue reading

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