Wikipedia gendergap part 2:Wikipe-tan

So while activity appears to be dying down in other areas the question of what to do about Wikipe-tan has heated up.

Okey so first things first what is a “Wikipe-tan”. Strictly speaking Wikipe-tan is a moe personification of Wikipedia. Translated into English Wikipe-tan represent what wikipedia would be if it was female and and existed within a Japanese art style that emphasises cuteness. Full details can be found at Wikipedia:Wikipe-tan (I’m working on the basis that that page has already survived mfd three times so it isn’t going to go away).

Next up whats been going on. Well there has been something of an attempt at a deletion campain in part justified due to the issue of the gender gap (there has got to be a better way of wording that. Oh well.) Parts of this can be found at:!

While there are a number of arguments being used the reason for the deletion drive is the worry that it may be driving away female editors. In fairness to them it does appear to be the case that there are women out there who don’t like wikipe-tan.

However wikipedia contains images that make even burned out admins blink so I’m not sure how practical is to try and make the environment more friendly to people by removing images.

A worry is that well moe anthropomorphism is a product of anime and manga fandom a group who in some ways up there with furries in terms of groups the web in general likes to pick on. It is suspicious to say the least that the first targets for deletion with respect to the gender gap issue are the products of an already disliked group.


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