Maps of Museums on Wikipedia

The problem of larger scale mapping at least within areas with high levels of internet usage appears to have largely been solved by open street maps. And probably far faster and better than most people would have expected.

Mapping museums has yet to be done. Which is a pity because I think we are missing a great opportunity. Once you have a map of a museum you can place links to articles relevant to the items in the museum on the map. I’ve put together a proof of concept:

Not there are many things wrong with it. The map isn’t detailed enough and not even the right shape (but then it’s taken from open street maps and fort nelson is hardly a street). There are also many many links missing. On a more nit picky note I can’t work out how to underline the links. Still it’s only a proof of concept.

Now I expect more experienced web users are thinking that I’ve just reinvented the old virtual tour circa 1998 and I would agree with them to an extent. The difference being that we are combining an attempt to inform people about the museum with with navigating around an encyclopedia. I’d also like to think we can do it better but that remains to be seen.

Will this ever go beyond the concept stage? I hope so. Fort Nelson has been around long enough that I should be able to get hold of a PD map and once that has been done it should just be a matter of visiting the place (it’s free entry) to check where the exhibits are. In fairness Fort Nelson is probably an unusually easy target. It’s exhibits are large and for the most part only on a single story. Wikipedia also has very extensive coverage of weapons to link to.

Will it stop there? I hope not. Another low hanging fruit after Fort Nelson would be zoos although acquiring maps of those might be slightly more tricky.

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