Islands of England on wikipedia

Having finally completed writing articles on the islands of Portsmouth harbour with an article on Burrow Island I started to think about the wider issues of British island articles on wikipedia. Wikipedia lists islands by constituent country so I decided to focus on Islands of England. At present even wikipedia’s list of English islands is far from complete. Scotland is slightly better off and it’s islands have their own wikiproject.

So is it even possible to write an article on every island in England. Well no. The islands on Leigh water are simple not notable. Even if we exclude artifical islands I doubt you would be able to write articles on the individual stacks of  The Needles . Still you could write articles on rather a lot of them. All the islands in Portsmouth harbour were eventually possible to write articles on and I’ve since located a source that covers the islands of the neighbouring Langstone harbour.

There is no question it would be a lot of work for example the Farne islands along would account for 15-20 articles (depending on you divide these things up) which would be quite a jump from the current situation where they are all lumped into a single article. Still the wikipedia’s articles on the Islands in the River Thames shows what can be done with enough work.

Such articles would have the benefits of adding to wikipedia’s local history and geographic information and since they would be geocodeable it would add the potential for more access points for wikipedia information. Islands also tend to be fairly easy to acquire maps for. Their outlines at least tend to change slowly enough that using 50 year old (and therefore public domain) Ordnance Survey maps is viable (there are exceptions though). The smaller ones at least can provide nice targets for photographers with the surrounding water providing a useful framing effect when you can get near enough.

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