Photographing HMS warrior

I decided to get some pics for the HMS warrior article. There is a certain symmetry there since the reason I started working on the article in the first place was to make room for all the existing photos. For the most part it was fairy straightforward. They allow photopgraphy and the number of visitors was low enough that you could get clear shots simply by waiting a bit. There were a couple of challenges though.

Showing the ship is Victorian. I wanted to to show clearly that the ship was a product of the Victorian era and not simple a HMS victory style ship with added armour. While you are there this is fairly obvious. Apart from anything else the hull is made from iron rather than wood (the wooden layer is there simply to provide a damper for the shockwaves produced when the armour is struck) but it’s hard to get across in the medium of photography. I tried with the photo of the captian’s day cabin but that isn’t that typical of the ship.

Photographing the engines. Low light levels and half the time the things are moving. Video isn’t an option unless you have some professional level video equipment. Fortunately the engines are stopped from time to time but this is only one of the problems. There other is to show the scale of the engines. Since you are so close to the engines and they are in an extremely enclosed space there is no way to show the whole engine. Additionally it’s pretty much impossible to indicate the size of any section of the engine you photograph. Wikipedia’s existing pic probably does better than I did but it’s hard to belive that the metal plate with the piston in the centre is over a meter across.

On the other hand I did get an interesting pic of the ship’s boiler room. While I had to crop it because I got my camera case in the initial shot it still looks fairly spectacular. Is this steampunk?

I’ve only added a couple of pics to the article so far but I do feel they improve it.

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